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Cupping for Weight Loss and Gut Health – 6 Pro Tips

So many of us want to look and feel better than we do. Our guts are unhappy, and our bodies are tired or feel run down. Sometimes we have abdominal pain, or our digestion is stilted, we are bloated and achy. All these gut health issues combined with a desire to feel better means that we might want to look at a natural solution to ending these issues.

Good gut health means that you not only feel better but the ability to rebound from exercise is better and weight loss is easier as well. Cupping is going to help get you back on track to a healthy life.

Natural Well-being

The digestive system’s role in the body’s overall health has been increasingly evident as people have become more aware of natural health care. While it has been clear for decades that good digestion helps the immune system, regulates weight through a balanced metabolism as well as neutralizing allergens to food, it is just becoming clearer that good gut health also is linked to how well your brain functions.

It has been seen in Eastern medical practices that gut health is a significant part of the regulation of mental health. If your gut is not healthy then you have a greater susceptibility to stress, anxiety and other negative emotions.

Cupping is going to offer not only improved digestion but better blood circulation overall. It will counteract the issues that arise from too much processed food that is high in fat and sugar, sedentary lifestyles and stressful work atmospheres. The poor state of guts has become the “norm” and accepted without question.

That constant discomfort is accepted rather than challenged. So, while the regular advice around weight loss and gut health to drink water, limit your caffeine and alcohol and eat healthy fiber filled foods, cupping can add a missing piece to maintaining good gut health and weight loss.

Cupping for Gut Health &Weight Loss

Digestion is critical in turning our food into those essential nutrients that give our bodies energy, growth and repairing cells. Our digestive system protects us from bacteria that could harm us. Its transport of nutrients throughout the body from the moment we eat or drink it to the final stage as waste is flushed out.

When this peristaltic function isn’t working right then gut-related problems increase. That’s when cramping, constipation, diarrhoea and that bloated feeling show up, but this is also where cupping therapy can help.

It has become evident that making sure the body’s digestive process is optimized so we are physically and mentally healthy. Putting cups into your daily schedule can help with that. In as little as 5 minutes, cupping for weight loss can often clear blockages in the colon, stimulate the digestive system itself, regulate bowels as well as getting rid of toxins in the body.

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Understanding Cupping

Cupping is an ancient medical tradition. It creates reverse pressure using suction to lift both blood capillaries and muscles to the skin’s surface. When this happens the blood vessels in the body grow and increase the flow of blood to the areas of the body that are having issues.

Improving circulation will also stimulate the lymphatic system to increase healing abilities. In the case of the digestive system, the ability to reach almost 4” below the skin’s surface is key. This brings fresh blood, platelets and growth to the soft tissue and organs that need to be supported.

This cupping offers stimulation and the ability to heal. It increases peristaltic action and increases the secretion of digestive fluids so gut health is better, digestion is normal, and anxiety and tension are reduced.

6 Pro Tips when Cupping for Weight Loss and Gut Health

Understanding how cupping works is important but once you are ready to begin the process, here are some tips so you guarantee the process goes well.

  1. Make sure to use something like a massage oil on your abdomen or back before you cup. It will act as a lubricant, so any movement is smooth and gliding.
  2. When focusing on the abdomen, begin at the center and then begin to move in a clockwise motion. You should use a flash cupping technique when you are tracing the intestines. The goal of this is to loosen the contents of the intestines.
  3. Once you have completed 2-3 rounds of cupping on your abdomen, you should begin to cup with the outcome being aimed at getting rid of waste.
  4. Flash cup the lower abdomen from left to right on the lower abdomen, then from hip to hip going over top the belly button to increase the movement in your digestive system. Do both movements 2-3 times.
  5. If you are just starting out with cupping, do it in smaller time increments. Your body and digestive system need to acclimatize so go slow and make sure to not overwhelm your body. Gut health and weight loss go hand in hand and won’t happen overnight so go slow and listen to what your body tells you as it gets used to cupping.
  6. Read on to find out why can’t you shower after cupping.

Final Thoughts

Gut health and weight loss are linked. If the gut is healthy then weight loss follows as the digestive system and metabolism do what they are supposed to rather than dragging and working improperly. Cupping on your stomach can improve cut health, aid in digestion and soothe pain in the abdominal area.

Investing a few minutes each day in cupping means you will begin to work on better gut health and healthy weight loss. When your gut feels better, so do you both physically and mentally.

Good gut health means you can get moving and increase not only your exercise level but improve how your system uses calories. Cupping refreshes the digestive system making weight loss and feeling better less stressful and anxiety-ridden. It optimizes gut health to get you into a healthy mindset and way of living.

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