Miracle Of Pressure Points For Female Arousal

Ever thought about using pressure points for female arousal? Putting all the attention only on the genitals will get the job done. But, that’s just 10% of the fun. If you want your partner to have the ultimate orgasm, you will need more than that.

That’s where playing with her sensations can come in handy. The goal is to completely revamp the mediocre “head-on” approach and create the most flirtatious foreplay you can think of. You can achieve that by massaging the sensual pressure points on the human body.

It will create extreme sensations and tantalize your partner with some of the most intimate tactics. The best part is, you can rely on acupressure for sex in more ways than one. This is a detailed guideline that will take your foreplay to a whole new level.

How Can Pressure Points for Female Arousal Boost Libido?

Sex and stress don’t bode well. If one is interfering with the other, it becomes almost impossible to want sex. Stress creates stagnant energy in the human body, which hinders its ability to enjoy sex.

By applying pressure on specific points, you can trigger a steady flow of Qi. When the meridians start to work, they improve the flow of blood and restore balance in the system. This energy is what calms the stress.

Each point is connected to a specific organ and has a range of different implications. Some are charged with alleviating health problems, while others are beneficial for improving sexual health. The effects can be achieved with pressure massage.

The idea is to apply a little bit of pressure to a specific area and promote a natural flow of energy that will solve the disharmony. The reason people have a low sex drive is that there is a massive imbalance in their body. This is the disharmony.

A lack of energy, blood flow, or stress can be the main culprits. But, if you restore balance and provide the body with the much-needed warmth and calmness, you will always be one step ahead.

How to Apply Pressure?

Acupoint pressure requires stimulation of specific spots in the human body. That’s where acupressure for sex can come in handy. According to medical experts, you will need to apply firm pressure with circular or up-and-down movements for a few minutes.

To do that, you first locate the acupoint you want to stimulate and use a finger to massage the area. During the massage, your partner should breathe deeply, relax, and enjoy the stimulation. After a few minutes, the pressure is lifted, and the effects kick in. The good thing about acupoint pressure is that the massage can be used as often or as little as you like. There is no massage limit or restrictions.

Can Acupuncture Help With Low Libido?

Both acupressure and acupuncture are a handy approach for sexual arousal to boost libido. These techniques rely on the meridian pathways and balancing the flow of Qi. While acupuncture uses a more invasive method than acupressure, you still get the same effects.

The exact same pressure points can be triggered to boost blood flow and stimulate the sex organs. The needle restores the natural flow of energy and removes any blockages that might interact with the sex organs.

According to the National Institutes of Health, the libido-boosting and therapeutic properties of acupuncture can help premenopausal women improve their sexual function and desire. With a simple pressure point technique, the women managed to treat their sexual dysfunction just after 5 weeks of treatment.

With clinical reports such as these, it’s easy to confirm the treatment’s effect on sexual desire. Overall, it’s an excellent alternative for boosting the mood and getting ready for some action.

If you want to know the acupoints you can use to apply acupressure for libido; this guide can help.

6 Pressure Points to Increase Libido You’d Wish You’d Known Sooner

Sex is like a dance of emotions. It’s all about feeling, touching, and connecting with your partner. Acupuncture points sexually arouse you and your partner. To maximize the entire experience, you will need simple techniques that will create the perfect environment.

Touches create some amazing sensations. Based on a clinical analysis, it is the act of touching that will reduce stress and increase intimacy. It’s an effective method for dissolving the emotional and mental blockages and alleviate sexual dysfunction. But, for this method to live up to your expectations, you need to know exactly what you are doing.

That’s why we prepared a list of some of the most effective pressure points to increase libido that can help you get the effects you crave. Here is how.

1.   Acupoint: Governing Vessel 20 (Du 20)

Location: On the midsection of the head, just above the posterior hairline. Right between the area where the two line apexes connect.

Du 20 or Bai Hui (Hundred Convergence) is one of the most impactful pressure points for female arousal. It’s where the convergence happens, or where the meridians meet. It’s such an important part of the system that by massaging it, you can alleviate multiple health issues.

This acupoint is mainly used for alleviating headaches, vertigo, and nasal problems. However, it can do more than that. This is the area where the yang energy is most active. When we work with that energy, we can make the most of the resources in the brain and engage in sexual stimulation.

The reason for that is relatively simple. Du 20, is directly connected to the mind. It can balance out the blood flow and calm the stress. Therefore, it leaves enough opportunity for stimulating foreplay.

2.   Acupoint: Spleen 6 (SP6) and Kidney 7 (KI7)

KI 7 or Fu liu
SP 6 or San yin jiao


  • Kidney 7 (Fu liu): It is about 2 inches or 3 finger-widths up above Kidney 3 (Tai Xi). Kidney 7 aligns perfectly with Kidney 3. You can find the point Kidney 3 Tai Xi here.
  • Spleen 6 (San Yin Jiao): Locate the highest point of your ankle, and it is 4 finger-widths up the leg. However, please avoid this acupressure point if you are pregnant.

A lot of people are wondering can acupuncture help with low libido. But, very few understand the impact of acupoints. The truth is, it can if you know where to press like with the calves, for example.

These two acupoints are directly linked to the kidneys. They promote the healthy flow of yang and yin energy and warm up the body. That’s how they can balance the system and restore vigor.

SP6 and KI7 are special. They interfere with both female and male energy and speed up the blood flow. With a constant flow of blood, arousal becomes much easier to achieve. As a result, these are the most practical acupuncture points for sexuality.

In addition, the KI7 or KD 7 Acupuncture point is the proven acupoint on maintaining vivid black hair and you can also use SP-6 to relieve neuropathy symptoms

3.   Acupoint: Stomach 30 (ST30)

Location: Slightly above the female genitals near the hips. Right above the crotch where the hip hinges.

Stimulating the vagina is by far the most crucial aspect of getting the ultimate foreplay. The ST30 or Qi Chong can help. It is one of the most impactful pressure points of sexual pleasure. The main reason for its efficiency lies in the artery.

The main artery passes just above the vagina, and it has to work properly to provide healthy circulation. If you press this acupoint and maintain eye-contact at the same time, you can create the most amazing arousal.

ST30 is known for providing calming effects on the mind. Its sensitivity makes it an even more impactful tactic. However, this spot is very soft, and it’s essential not to apply extreme pressure. A gentle massage is more than enough to trigger the meridians and get the Qi flowing.

4.   Acupoint: Lower Back B23 and B47

Location: From the spine next to the waistline (along with the same level as the belly button), there is a cord that connects both the acupoint and the human body. B23 is situated just 2 finger-width on both sides of the spine and B47 is a few fingers away.

Acupressure for male libido can do more than you realize. It can be effective for both men and women. If you are looking for efficient ways to boost sexual vitality, then look no further. These two acupoints (B23 Shen Shu, and B47) or Sea of Vitality will do the trick.

They are called Sea of Vitality and are a remarkable option for arousing your partner. With everyday massages, you can drastically improve its effect and immediately get your partner in the mood. That’s why acupuncture for sex drive can go a long way. As long as you target the right points, you can get the results you are hoping for.

5.   Acupoint: Conception Vessel 6 (Ren6)

Location: Just 2 finger spaces below the belly button.

Belly buttons are very sensitive spots. But, they are also the key to triggering arousal. What most people don’t realize is that the belly button can have a direct impact on our genitals. It’s a valuable component of sexual arousal for both men and women.

When you massage this area (also called Qi Hai), you nurture that sense of intimacy and balance out the flow of energy. This can calm the mind and boost vigor.

When you use acupuncture to increase libido, you have to know the exact spot. But, for a pressure massage, you need to apply a tender touch and massage with care. With regular stimulation, you can trigger that arousal you’ve always wanted.

6.   Breast Massage

Once you’ve played with all the acupoints, it’s time to do a breast massage. Before intercourse, many partners ignore the breasts and go for the “main course”. However, ignoring the breasts means you are missing out big time.

The female breasts are the key to sensual energy. They are a highly potent area and an influential source of pressure. What most people don’t realize is that the areola and the nipples are packed with sensitive nerve endings.

When stimulated, these nerve endings will immediately get the erotic energy booming. The most erogenous zone is definitely the nipples. With gentle stimulation, you can power up the body and give a surge of pleasure.

To achieve that pleasure, you would have to practice massaging the breasts. There are all sorts of options you can rely on. It’s possible to use just the hands as a core for more energy. Try to create a breast massage session, at least a short stimulation.

The way you can do that is with slight and gentle pinches. Use your fingers to apply soft pressure and brush the sensitive area. If you want to add more stimulation, you can use sex toys or anything that the woman would love to use on her breast. With long movements and enough focus, the body will get warmer and warmer. This will get the blood pumping.

That’s how one can stimulate the breasts and get their partner in the mood. Simple and effective.

Can You Use Ear Seeds to Boost Female Libido?

Ear massage is a full-proof method for boosting sexual desire. By adding a bit of pressure on specific acupoints, you can arouse your partner in no-time. It’s a simple and convenient method to engage their entire system.

Besides massage, you can also try ear seeds. Ear seeds are small seeds that target the pressure points used in acupressure. However, there’s no use of needles or pins so they’re pain-free. The ears are a microsystem. They are connected to numerous organs and stimulate the nerves. When you press the ear seed on an acupoint in the ear, it will send out a signal to the brain, which will boost the “happy hormones,” or in this case, endorphins. With hormones such as these, it becomes much easier to improve the mood and sex drive.

Even though this practice is based on ancient Chinese practices, a lot of people who’ve tried it claim they have some potent therapeutic properties.

Ear Seeds Placement for Libido

Apply ear seeds for the main acupressure points: shen men, subcortex, and external genitals to improve the desire for sex. For women who experience pain during sex, she may also want to add the points: internal genitals and endocrine.

For the subcortex point, it is a bit tricky. You may benefit from this demonstration video:


Apply the ear seeds on one ear. Massage the points occasionally for about 30sec each time. After 2-4 days, remove and discard the ear seeds. Then apply a fresh set of ear seeds on the other ear this time. So on and so forth for about a month to observe improvement and changes. If you are new to ear seeds, you can purchase our ear seeds kit for beginners here.


There are many creative ways to arouse your partner. But, even if you have a hectic schedule, you still need to dedicate some time and effort into solid foreplay. Certain acupoints have unique calming properties. They can also get you and your partner in the mood for some intimate action. All the methods mentioned here can help you get the ultimate pleasure. Just stick to the spots, and you will reap the benefits.

Photo by Christiana Rivers, Carolyn V, Muhannad Ajjan, Zuščáková Bašenka on Unsplash

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