Relieve Your Pain Instantly With These Three Pressure Points For Toothache

Toothache is a prevalent health issue that affects both the young and old. Some of us might have experienced this problem at one point in our lives. One thing you should know is that it’s not a life-threatening disease. However, the pain caused by a toothache can be unbearable. There are different ways to prevent it. In extreme cases, it may be accompanied by headache, swelling, and an offensive foul smell from an infected tooth. Individuals may resolve to proper dental care and hygiene to soothe the pain and relieve it overtime.

It might interest you to know that before the advent of modern medicine, natural treatment options were used to treat several health issues, including toothache. These natural methods produced tremendous results and were often painless.

For many centuries and even to date, the Chinese were known to practice these treatment options. An example is the practice of acupressure, which is done to get relief from toothache. The practice became widespread in the 1980s. By the year 2000, many western medical practitioners had adopted it as one of the best natural treatment options for the relief of the pain caused by toothache.

What is Acupressure?

Acupressure is a part of natural medicine. It is performed by applying pressure to a certain point in the body. The force sends signals to all parts of the body, which promotes blood flow, reduces, and alleviates tension, which is particularly effective when applied to the acupressure points for toothache.

According to many experts, the natural healing method can be applied to toothache to relieve pain and throbbing. Acupressure can be administered either at home by yourself, or in a facility, by an acupressure specialist. However, if you choose to do it in your home, you will have to choose a quiet and comfy place to enable you to reap the full benefits of the administration.

How Does Acupressure Work for Toothache?

The practice entails the use of the fingers, hands, or any particular device to apply pressure on specific acupressure points of the body. It may also involve stretching of these parts of the body or acupressure massage.

During a typical session, you may be asked to lie down fully clothed, and the practitioner will apply pressure on the points in the body. A session can last up to an hour, and you may need to undergo several sessions before you can notice results.

Although the practice emanated from traditional Chinese medicine, it is yet to be entirely accepted by all western practitioners. Its goal is to restore health and balance to the various channels of energy (yang) in the body, as well as eliminating all elements of negative energy (yin).

What Are the Three pressure Points for Toothache?


This pressure point is located at the tiger’s mouth at the back of the hand. It is an essential multipurpose point that has anti-inflammatory properties that can be used to cure all types of chronic pain. Hegu is perfect for individuals who are searching for a natural way to relieve toothache overtime.

It can also be used to relieve pain that is caused by other conditions like headaches, skin disease, fever, and eye problems.


Zhigou is located 3 inches or 4 fingers above the dorsal crease of the wrist on the forearm. This acupuncture point belongs to the Shaoyang Sanjiao Meridian, which treats gastrointestinal diseases such as constipation and vomiting. Pressing this point can alleviate the swelling of the gums and severe toothache caused by gastrointestinal fire. It is important to remember that you have to press the opposite side. For example, if you experience a toothache on the right side, you have to press the Zhigou point on your left hand.


It is one of the lesser-known points for toothache that is located on the inner side of the forearm. It is above 2 inches or 3 fingers above the wrist crease. It helps to relieve toothache pain and discomfort. You can stimulate it by using both fingers to apply pressure on the point for up to one minute. It clears the fire that alleviates toothache pain and expels wind from the body.

Aside from toothache, applying pressure on this point also provides relief from other problems such as stress.

Chinese Medicine and Acupressure

According to traditional Chinese medicine, it is believed that the teeth are an extension of the bones. Therefore, since the kidneys control the bones, they can also control the teeth as well. As a result, any problems that affect the kidneys will also affect the teeth too.

The large intestine is connected to the lower gum of the teeth. Hence, any problems with the lower gum can be traced to the large intestine. Likewise, the Stomach Meridian is connected to the upper gum as it passes through it. Therefore, any problem that affects the upper gum can be traced to the stomach.

Other teachings from the theory of traditional Chinese medicine is that if there is a hyperactivity of deficiency fire from the kidneys, it will affect the proper functioning of the teeth. Which, in turn, leads to severe tooth problems such as toothache, gum disease, and tooth decay.

Kidney deficiency is mostly triggered by too much sexual activity, lack of sleep, aging, stress, and anxiety — little wonder why there are strong ties between ancient traditional Chinese medicine and acupressure.

Alternative Solution: How Ear Seeds Can Help To Relieve Toothache

Ear seeds are small plant seeds that can target the pressure points used in ear acupressure. It is a painless procedure that helps to restore balance and increase the flow of blood along with the pressure points of the ear to the remaining part of the body.

Instead of using the hand, fingers, or a device to apply pressure during acupressure, ear seeds can be a better and painless option that yields better results. You don’t need to be a professional to do it. It helps relieve chronic pain in the teeth and several allergies.

If you are struggling with the recurring side effects of painkillers and other drugs, you may want to try ear acupressure and experience its soothing effects. Ear acupressure is fast becoming a better option for many due to its zero side effects and the way it re-adjust the energy flow in the body naturally.


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