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5 Acupressure Points For Eczema According To Expert

Skin conditions can be frustrating and very difficult to treat. Atopic eczema results in itchy skin and a number of other eczema symptoms that are a burden on a daily basis. My experience with eczema seemed endless and intolerable until I discovered these acupressure points for eczema.

After years of doctor appointments and medications that didn’t provide a perfect solution, I decided to look into acupressure points for skin problems, and I am so happy I did. After a few treatments, my eczema symptoms began to fade away, and today I can keep the condition at bay with these treatments. If you are looking for a quick, easy, and effective treatment for people with eczema, then you should check out these acupressure points for eczema.

How Does Acupressure Help Eczema?

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Acupressure and acupuncture have been used to treat skin conditions in Ancient Chinese medicine for thousands of years. These treatments are still practiced today because of the effectiveness of acupressure points for eczema. Research has shown that acupressure is effective on a broad scale, helping with itch relief for atopic dermatitis and improving the healing of skin wounds. Another study that was specific to acupressure points for eczema found that subjects that practiced acupressure in conjunction with their regular treatment for eczema had more improvement in their condition than those who did not practice acupressure.

While eczema is a condition of the skin, it is closely associated with other aspects of the body including intestinal health. Do your best to activate each of these points for best results, but if you can not reach each of these points, it is recommended to focus on LI-4 as it is effective against eczema everywhere on the body. You can also activate acupressure points in areas near atopic eczema to improve healing blood flow and reduce physical discomfort. By activating the acupressure points below, you can better balance your body’s natural functions and heal your eczema at the source.

Acupoint: Ren-14 (Other Names: The Conception Vessel-14/Ju Que/Great Palace)

This point is known for its use as one of the best acupressure points for indigestion, and it has the ability to release stagnant energy when activated properly. By activating this point, you can rebalance any intestinal or energy imbalances that are contributing to your eczema. Best of all, this point is in a location where eczema rarely appears, so you won’t have to put pressure on any irritated skin.

Ren-14 can be found on the midline of the body on the stomach. It appears 6 cun above the belly button, which translates to about 7 or 8 inches above the belly button, close to the base of the sternum. Apply gentle pressure in this area for a few seconds at a time.

Acupoint: Ren-12 (Other Names: The Conception Vessel-12/Zhong Wan/Middle Epigastrium)

Ren-12 is another gastric-centered point that is known to balance the body’s functions and is also noted as one of a few acupressure points for vertigo. This point not only balances problematic energy imbalances, but it also reduces pain which can help with the discomfort caused by eczema.

This point falls slightly below Ren-14, at approximately 4 cun or 5 inches above the belly button. Apply gentle, yet firm pressure in this area to activate this point. The activation of this point should not be painful as there are delicate organs underneath.

Acupoint: ST-25 (Other Names: Stomach-25/Tian Shu/Celestial Pivot)

Imbalance in the intestines can cause issues across the body, including headaches. This is why ST-25 is known as a great acupressure point for headaches due to acidity. This point Further balances the intestinal influence over the body and improves blood flow to areas that require healing, like skin conditions.

This point is mirrored on either side of the belly button. It falls 2 cun lateral to the belly button, which translates to about 2 or 3 finger widths. You can stimulate both of these points through gentle yet firm pressure.

Acupoint: Bl-13 (Other Names: Urinary Bladder-13/Fei Shu/Lung Transporter)

Unlike the previous three points, Bl-13 is found on the upper back. It is connected to lung function, which has earned recognition as an acupressure point for chest pain, but this point is also good for pain relief and the treatment of skin conditions.

Activating Bl-13 may be very difficult alone, so it is best to ask for assistance with this point. It can be located in the space adjacent to the third spinal protrusion down from the shoulder line. More specifically, it is 1.5 cun lateral to the third thoracic vertebrae. Apply firm pressure to this point with a dull object for a few seconds at a time.

Acupoint: LI-4 (Other Names: Large Intestine-4/He Gu/Joining Valley)

He Gu

LI-4 falls at the end of this list, as we have saved the best for last. This eczema acupressure point is the easiest to activate on one’s self. It is so simple to locate that it is commonly listed as one of the best acupressure points for back pain in the hands. Along with its pain-relieving tendencies, this point is also known to aid in the healing of skin conditions across the entire body.

This point is located in the fleshy area between the pointer finger and thumb. You can use a pinching motion with your opposite hand to apply pressure from both sides as you push your thumb onto the muscled point right before the bones of your pointer finger and thumb meet in your hand. This pressure is best combined with deep breaths and can be done for a few seconds at a time.

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