5 Potent Pressure Points In The Chest Area

Chest pain can sometimes be so unbearable that it might feel like the wind was suddenly knocked out of you, leaving you with a shortness of breath. Oftentimes, it will cause emotional distress and muscle pain. Fortunately, alternative therapies such as acupressure present various pressure points in the chest area that can help reduce discomfort and overall pain. 

Sometimes, chest pain can catch you completely off guard and leave you feeling confused by the source of the pain. Whether it’s an underlying heart condition or an unknown source of pain, the experience is quite uncomfortable. You may find yourself reaching for anything to help relieve the pain.

Well, my friend, you are in luck because I’ve scoured the internet and reviewed credible sources that support the basis of acupressure and chest pain. During my search, I came across a study on how acupuncture can treat chronic coughs and asthma. Results showed that at least ten common acupoints, including Ren-17, had promising effects in sticking therapy to treat winter diseases in summer. 

If you suffer from daily asthma attacks or muscle tightness in the chest, performing acupuncture 1-2 times per day can help reduce chest pain, especially in children. In another study, a test group was treated with acupuncture to help improve daily life and lung function. Records state the promising efficacy of acupuncture and improving the overall quality of life for patients with AECOPD.

Where Is The Pressure Point On Your Chest?

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If you find yourself in the sudden moment of searing muscle pain in your chest, consider experimenting with one of these pressure points in the chest area. Chinese Medicine provides plenty of promising results, and this helpful list covers the five pressure points for widespread pain.

Most of them are located around the center of the chest area. Keep reading if you’re looking for treatment options to help ease the pain signals naturally. 

Acupoint: Ren-17 (Other Names: The Conception Vessel-17/Shan Zhong/Middle of the Chest)

The acupoint Ren-17 makes the top of the list as one of the best self-massage pressure points in the chest, and for a good reason. This notable acupoint helps relieve discomfort in the chest area and is also used to treat asthma, heart palpitations and is one of the acupressure points to increase estrogen

You can find this pressure point at the center of the chest perpendicular to your neck and the midline of both nipples. You do not have to have a specific illness to benefit from the stimulation of Ren-17. It can also help with emotional stress such as anxiety, frustration, and increased heart rates. 

Acupoint: LU-2 (Other Names: Lung-2/Yun Men/Cloud Gate)

Similar to the LU-9 acupuncture point, the LU-2 acupoint can help with respiratory and is one of the pressure points on the chest. Some chest pain can directly result from respiratory issues such as a constant cough or phlegm build-up. 

You can find this pressure point in the depression that sits underneath your collar bone at the outer end of the lower part. The LU-2 pressure point helps open up the chest, clearing your lungs and those pesky chronic coughs. Some additional benefits include treating asthma, wheezing, and back stiffness. 

Acupoint: Liv-14 (Other Names: Liver-14/Qi men/Cyclic Gate)

Also known as the Cyclic Gate, acupoint Liv-14 is another of the best pressure points on the chest. In addition to helping ease chest tightness, the Liv-14 acupoint can also help the effects of stress such as gastrointestinal pain, is one of the acupressure points for menstrual cramps, and may help induce your period. 

Not to mention, this acupoint is powerful for moving qi throughout your body, stimulating overall blood flow. It’s located in the depression below the sixth rib and about four finger widths away from the centerline of your chest. 

You can stimulate this pressure point by gently massaging in a circular motion using the pads of your fingers. Keep in mind that this pressure point is known to be quite sensitive for some people. 

Acupoint: ST-18 (Other Names: Stomach-18/Ru Gen/Breast Root)

The ST-18 acupoint is well known for treating chest pain stemming from heart disease and is highly effective in treating coughs, asthma, insufficient lactation, and improving milk output. It has also proven to help relieve mastitis pain during the lactation period and first-time births. This pressure point is located approximately two finger widths from the bottom of the nipples. 

Apply gentle pressure to the acupoint, exhale lightly for 3 seconds, and apply pressure using your fingers. Be sure to slowly release your fingers with every inhale and repeat 4-5 times for maximum benefit. Additionally, this acupoint promotes lymphatic flow and hormone secretion in women. 

Acupoint: ST-17 (Other Names: Stomach-17/Ru Zhong/Breast Centre)

The ST-17 is close to its sister acupoint, ST-18. It is located directly underneath the nipple area. Due to its location, not only is it great for chest pain, but ST-17 is also effective for mastitis. 

To activate this pressure point, place the tip of your thumb on the acupoint. Slowly exhale toward your back and apply pressure for about 10 seconds. Don’t forget to rest when inhaling and repeat this 4-5 times. 

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