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3 Acupressure Points In The Hand For Weight Loss That You Can Find Easily

If like me, you’ve tried to lose weight by simply maintaining your diet and exercising regularly, you’ll discover that the weight loss journey is an almost endless one. However, I discovered these 3 acupressure points in the hand for weight loss that have helped me lose weight faster than I ever imagined.

Trying to lose weight is so hard that several times, I decided to quit. But when I discovered from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) website that you’re more prone to hypertension, type 2 diabetes, stroke, and even death by being obese, I found the courage to continue my weight loss journey.

The journey even became fun when I added acupressure therapy to the exercise and dieting routine. It was convenient as the pressure points to stimulate were on my hands. I’ll be sharing these hand acupressure points for weight loss in this article, and they’ll be grouped under acupoints for constipation, cold sensitivity, and increasing metabolism. These are some of the conditions that affect weight management.

Can Acupressure Help With Weight Loss?

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Yes, acupressure, like acupuncture therapy, is effective for weight loss as it targets the root causes of weight gain. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), you gain weight when your spleen and liver aren’t functioning properly.

So, to remedy this, acupuncture therapists concentrate on the specific areas of the body that helps in weight reduction. For example, the kidney and endocrine system, which determines water retention and hormonal balance; the spleen and thyroid gland, which are responsible for sugar balancing and; the ovary and adrenal glands, when facilitating weight gain for menopausal women.

When the acupressure points correlating to these organs are identified and stimulated, you’ll be relieved from stress, your digestion will be better, and your metabolism will be significantly improved. Weight management just got easier for you. According to the Pacific College of Health and Science, some people who receive acupressure for weight loss feel the effects on time and require treatment weekly.

Two studies provide substantial proof of acupuncture and weight loss. One study revealed that the combination of body acupuncture and diet restriction is effective in losing weight as well as reducing inflammatory reactions. The other study went further to compare treating overweight and obese patients with just Metformin monotherapy on the one hand and Metformin plus acupuncture on the other hand.

The result of the study was that combining Metformin with acupuncture therapy is more effective than using only Metformin in weight reduction for overweight and obese patients.

Weight Loss Acupressure Point For Constipation

If you weigh more because of constipation, here’s the acupoint to remedy your situation:

Acupoint: LI-4 (Other Names: Large Intestine-4/He Gu/Joining Valley)

He Gu

LI-4 is a large intestine meridian acupoint located on the hand that is effective for weight loss. In Chinese, it’s referred to as Hegu, which means Joining Valley in English. You’ll find this acupoint at the back of your hand, between your thumb and index finger. L1-4 is the depression you feel between the first and second metacarpal bones (the bones between the wrist and fingers).

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) considers this acupoint as the Yuan-Source of the Large Intestine Meridian, which makes it function as an expeller of wind, a stopper of pain, and an inducer of labor. If you have any disease on the head and face, including headache and dizziness, stimulating LI-4 will take care of it.

This acupoint also helps relieve cold, gastric pain, and diarrhea while serving as one of the acupressure points to quit smoking.

Weight Loss Acupressure Point For Cold Sensitivity

Taking few calories and burning fat reduces your insulation to cold. So, when you are on a weight loss program, you’ll be more sensitive to colds. Here’s the acupressure point to stimulate when this happens:

Acupoint: TE-4 (Other Names: Triple Energizer-4/Yang Chi/Yang Pool)

TE-4, Yangchi, or Yang Pool is a Triple Energizer acupressure point that serves as one of the hand acupressure points for weight loss. You’ll find TE-4 at the crease of your wrist at the back of your hand. It the depression between the endpoints of the bones of your ring finger and the middle finger on the crease of your wrist.

In TCM, TE-4 is classified as the Yuan-Source of the San Jiao Meridian, which helps it function as a pain alleviator, heat remover, and sinews relaxer. Due to the function and location of this acupoint, it’s effective in treating any pain on the wrist, malaria, and diabetes. If you’ve got carpal tunnel from playing piano, the acupressure for carpal tunnel that you need to know about is TE-4.

Weight Loss Acupressure Point For Increasing Metabolism

To speed up your weight loss therapy, you need an active metabolism. Here is the acupoint that’ll help boost your metabolism:

Acupoint: PC-8 (Other Names: Pericardium-8/Lao Gong/Palace of Toil)

Lao Gong

Acupressure point PC-8 is another of the acupressure points for weight loss on the hand. It is called Laogong in Chinese, which means Labor Palace. Unlike the other two acupoints for weight loss that’s located at the back of the hand, PC-8 is located inside the hand. It is the point where the tip of your middle finger rests when you make your hand into a fist.

TCM considers PC-8 as the Pericardium Meridian’s Ying-Spring point, which makes it effectively clear heat from the heart and calm the Shen. For this reason, PC-3 is used clinically to treat PC-3 is used clinically to treat coma, vomiting, cardiac pain, and mouth ulcer. PC-8 also serves as one of the acupressure points for brain fog that you can use to refresh your mind.

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