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Use The Third Eye Acupressure Point And These Other Acupoints To Repair Your Loss Of Taste And Smell Due To Illness

Like millions of people worldwide, do you feel anxious and nervous or maybe panic every day due to COVID-19? Are you suffering from a taste disorder and a distorted sense of smell due to illness? Fortunately, the third eye acupressure point or Yin Tang is handy for relieving anxiety, stress, headaches, nasal issues, and insomnia.

Acupoint: EM-2 (Other Names: /Yin Tang/Hall of Impression)

The Yin Tang acupoint is found on the face midway between the eyebrows. There are dozens of acupressure points on the body, but one common point you frequently see in acupuncture photos or receive during therapy is the Yin Tang point.

Causes Of An Abnormal Sense Of Taste And Smell

Health conditions that cause an abnormal sense of taste and smell include:

  • Novel Corona Virus (COVID-19)
  • Aging
  • Sjogren’s syndrome
  • Diabetes
  • Gastroesophageal reflux
  • Nasal allergies
  • Nasal tumors
  • Upper respiratory tract infections
  • Side effects of drugs

What Is The Use Of The Third Eye Acupressure Point (Yin Tang)?

In traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), the Yin Tang point is used to:

Calm the Shen or release anxiety or stress

According to TCM, the shen refers to the spirit of a person. To relax the shen, the aim is to restore calm and lower stress and anxiety through this acupoint’s stimulation. It is one of the most significant acupoints used to relieve stress and anxiety, either due to work, family, or daily life pressures.


Suppose you are having any discomfort in your sleeping patterns resulting from difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep or are waking up tired and unrefreshed in the morning. In that case, you can relieve this issue by massaging this acupoint.

Sinus issues such as congestion and sinusitis

Yin Tang can help in eye and sinus problems. It is a useful acupoint for regulating energy in the head and is suitable for relieving headaches due to sinus congestion and can improve the sense of taste and smell.

Excessive restlessness and irritability

The third eye acupressure point can ease irritability or restlessness due to lack of quality sleep, uncomfortable environmental factors, work, and family pressures.

Yin Tang, When Used In Combination With Other Acupressure Points, Can Regain Or Improve Your Sense Of Taste And Smell

Acupressure is mainly used to clear the meridians and promote blood circulation to improve symptoms or prevent the disease from occurring in the first place.

An abnormal sense of taste and smell is disturbing and is one of the primary symptoms that some patients suffering from COVID-19 pneumonia experience. Fortunately, massaging Yin Tang and other specific acupoints can relieve the symptoms.

You can easily perform self-massage using slow circular motions for 5 to 10 minutes, 2 – 3 times a day, to find relief from your health disorder symptoms.

These are the other 7 acupressure points to be used with Yin Tang to repair the sense of taste and smell:

Acupoint: GV-20 (Other Names: The Governing Vessel-20/Bai Hui/Hundred Convergence)

It is positioned immediately above the line of the two tips of the ear. You should find it in the center of the top of the head, about 7 cun (the width of 9 fingers) directly above the posterior hairline center. GV20 is one of the most effective acupoints of the Du meridian (government vessel) and is widely used to rejuvenate the brain and boost energy flow in the body.

Acupoint: LI-20 (Other Names: Large Intestine-20/Ying Xiang/Welcome Fragrance)

It is found in the depression of the nasolabial groove on the nose’s outer side, at the middle level of the lateral edge of the ala nasi. This is an excellent acupoint that can help relieve nasal congestion, allergies, revive the sense of smell, excessive tears, and sinusitis. Massaging the acupoint opens nasal passages and sinuses, benefits respiration, and improves the lungs’ functional capacity.

Acupoint: LI-4 (Other Names: Large Intestine-4/He Gu/Joining Valley)

He GuHe Gu is typically used for anxiety, facial pain, migraine, toothache, and neck pain. It is positioned at the top of the hand at the muscle’s highest point when you bring the thumb and index fingers together. It is a great point to clear the lungs, alleviate nasal obstruction, sinusitis, nasal discharge, sneezing, ear blockage, and restore the sense of smell.

This acupoint is one of the favorite acupressure points together with PC 9 acupuncture point for many office workers in case you do not know.

Acupoint: LU-7 (Other Names: Lung-7/Lie Que/Broken Sequence)

This point can be found 1.5 cun above the wrist crease on the inside of the arm, which is superior to the radial styloid process. To locate this point, bind the thumb and index finger of one hand with those of the other. Your index finger will point to a depression between the sinew and the bone, which is LU-7.

It’s one of the most effective points present on the lung meridian. It is a common acupressure point that can stop a chronic cough and relieve a sore throat. In addition to treating these conditions, LU 7 is also used to reduce head and neck disorders such as headaches, migraines, stiff neck, facial paralysis, asthma, toothache, snoring, and to improve the sense of smell.

Acupoint: PC-6 (Other Names: Pericardium-6/Nei Guan/Inner Pass)

Massing this point can relieve nausea, vomiting, headaches, upset stomach, motion sickness, and calm the heart. It is located on your inner arm near your wrist, three finger breadths below the wrist on the inner forearm between the two tendons. Besides, experts also found it easier to lose weight when you activate PC 6 acupuncture point together with ub 43 acupuncture point.

Acupoint: ST-36 (Other Names: Stomach-36/Zu San Li/Leg Three Miles)

Acupoint: ST-36 (Other Names: Stomach-36/Zu San Li/Leg Three Miles)

This point is widely used to treat stomach & spleen issues, nausea, vomiting, anxiety, and weakness. It can be found four finger widths down in the depression beneath the outside of the kneecap, around the shin bone’s outer edge. If you’re in the right position, the muscle can spring out when you move your foot up and down. In TCM, this point is often used to support well-being and longevity.

Acupoint: SP-6 (Other Names: Spleen-6/San Yin Jiao/Three Yin Intersection)

Acupoint: SP-6 (Other Names: Spleen-6/San Yin Jiao/Three Yin Intersection)
Acupoint: SP-6 (Other Names: Spleen-6/San Yin Jiao/Three Yin Intersection)

SP-6 is widely used for urinary & pelvic disorders, insomnia, and menstrual pain. It can also relieve stress and reduce anger and regulate the flow of energy in the body. This point can be found on the inside of your leg at 3 cun above the medial malleolus’s tip. It is the depression behind the medial tibia.

We have also included two bonuses for you to try together with massaging Yin Tang to relieve stress.

Bonus 1: Drink Ganmai Dazao Tea Along With Acupressure Can Help Reduce Anxiety & Stress

If you are looking to reduce anxiety and stress, you can also drink this wonderful tea that has therapeutic and soothing effects. According to TCM, the best tea that can help nourish the heart and calm the nerves is Ganmai Dazao Tea. This tea is particularly beneficial for restlessness, stress, insomnia, irritability, and anxiety. According to research, Ganmai Dazao tea can alleviate different types of autonomic nervous disorders.

Take some roasted licorice (6-20 g), 38 grams of malt, 38 grams of jujube, and boil it in 2 liters of water to make a perfect Ganmai Dazao tea or decoction.

Bonus 2: Try Ear Seeds To Relieve Your Anxiety

In TCM, your wellbeing depends on the flow of qi (energy) in your body. This energy travels along pathways, known as meridians, which can be found on various parts of the body, including the ears. Ear seeds are tiny round metal balls or natural Vaccaria seeds (from the Vaccaria plant) that are placed on specific ear acupoints for stimulation.

It is a natural form of treatment that is a non-invasive way to stimulate specific points on the ear easily. The ear contains several acupressure points, which, according to TCM, are linked to different organs in our body, including the heart, eyes, lungs, and liver.

You can easily place ear seeds on your ear points yourself with the help of an adhesive tape. They work similarly to acupressure by creating a slight pressure on the ear acupoints to stimulate them and treat different health conditions.

These little ear seeds offer several benefits such as smoking cessation, insomnia, weight loss, etc. The best part about ear seeds is that they can help reduce anxiety and stress and even ease depression.

The ear point known as Shen Men corresponds to the heart and can also help relieve anxiety and stress. Stimulating this point can help calm the mind, lower pain, and help regulate the sympathetic nervous system. According to a study, ear acupressure has been found to lower cortisol (stress hormone) levels in the body, leading to a decrease in stress and inflammation.

Some of the benefits of ear seeds when used for anxiety and stress:

  • Helps to deal with the fight or flight response to stress
  • Replenishes energy that is consumed by stress
  • Brings a state of balance in the entire body, which helps relieve stress and its symptoms
  • Relaxes the body

For more details about ear seeds, please visit this page.


Yin Tang, or the third eye acupressure point, stands out for its use to relieve many health problems in the body. It is very useful for reducing anxiety, stress, insomnia, and helps in all issues related to the nose and sinus area, including nasal allergies, sinusitis, nasal congestion, and sinus headaches.

When used in combination with other acupressure points, it can repair your sense of taste and smell.

Additionally, the third eye acupressure point is often used along with herbal tea, such as Ganmai Dazao tea, to help alleviate stress and anxiety from the body.

Photo by Elly Johnson on Unsplash,  Živa Trajbarič from Pexels

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